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A seismograph for measuring the transformation to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – Discussion Pap

By - Niklas Höhne (NewClimate Institute), Joyashree Roy (AIT), Owen Gaffney (Potsdam Institute for climate research), Johan Falk (Exponential Roadmap Initiative), Suzana Kahn Ribeiro (COPPE), Kelly Levin (Bezos Earth Fund), Sybrig Smit (NewClimate Institute), Leonardo Nascimento (NewClimate Institute), Angel Hsu (Data-Driven EnviroLab), Brendan Mapes (Data-Driven EnviroLab)


This discussion paper sketches the idea of a “transformation seismograph” to detect the signs and measure the speed and magnitude of transformation to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before it is seen in greenhouse gas emissions projections. We show that some factors, that make a low carbon transformation more likely before it is seen projections of greenhouse gas emissions, are measurable. We tested the concept to measure progress in electricity generation and electric light-duty vehicles. We propose to set up a comprehensive monitoring system with a variety of indicators per sector to measure if a transformation is likely to happen. Such information would help policy makers to design interventions and international cooperation to support the transformation most effectively.

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[Source/Content credit : New Climate Institute]


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