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Energy Demand Changes Induced by Technological and Social Innovations (EDIT-AIT)

The project "Energy Demand Changes Induced by Technological and Social Innovations (EDIT)" was awarded to Bangabandhu Chair, AIT by the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Japan in December 2020.




The main objective of the project is to create a research community with a focus on end-use, demand-side perspectives that further dialogue and cross-fertilization of research and policy analysis through data, concepts and methodologies. The goal is also to develop service oriented bottom up demand model to help in providing inputs to climate policy analysis.


South Asian countries are expected to experience fast economic growth and infrastructure development in coming three decades. Most of the demand do not have historical path dependency and hard lock-in effect. This provides enough scope for planning for decoupled energy demand growth from emission growth. Such energy demand planning can have benefit of reduced cost of supply capacity expansion planning and synergies with near term SDGs Framework and SENDAI Framework.


Sponsor: Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Japan

Principal Investigator: Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy


Dr. Indrajit Pal



Dr. Jai Govind Singh



Dr. Joyee S. Chatterjee


Partner Institutes


Global Change Programme

 Jadavpur University

Kolkata, India


Institute of Remote Sensing & GIS

Jahangirnagar University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

University of Liberal Arts

Dhaka, Bangladesh


A 'Research & Training' workshop - 'R&T-1' on "Strengthen Your Literature Review Through Systematic Search", was conducted by AIT's Sustainable Energy Transition Program, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, SERD, on Saturday, 13th February 2021, under the 'Bangabandhu Chair Dialogue 2021' facilitated by Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy as a project activity under AIT-EDIT research project.




  • Chakravarty, D. and Joyashree Roy (2021). "Solar Microgrids in Rural India: A Case Study of Household Benefits", Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal 4 (2): 65-93, July 2021. DOI:

  • Roy, J., Some, S., Das, N., & Pathak, M. (2021). "Demand side climate change mitigation actions and SDGs: literature review with systematic evidence search", Environmental Research Letters 16 043003. (Joyashree Roy et al 2021 Environ. Res. Lett. 16 043003). DOI:


To Quote
Father of the Nation
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

“The world is divided into two halves, the oppressed and the oppressors.      I am with the oppressed”

(At the conference of Non Alliance Movement, Algiers, 6 September 1973)



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