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International Energy Journal (IEJ) published the 1st volume of “Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue: Energy, Disaster, Climate Change: Sustainability and Just Transitions in Bangladesh” in October 2020.

Guest Editors:

Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Professor of Economics, Jadavpur University, India (on lien).

Prof. Sheikh Tawhidul Islam

Professor and Director, Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Dr. Indrajit Pal

Assistant Professor and Chair, Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management, Department of Development and Sustainability, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

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Message from the Foreign Minister, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

By Dr. A.K. Abdul Momen, MP

Energy, Disaster, Climate Change: Sustainability and Just Transitions in Bangladesh

By Joyashree Roy, Sheikh Tawhidul Islam, Indrajit Pal

Sustainable Energy Sector for Fast Growing Economy like Bangladesh: How Relevant are the Past Asian Precedents?

By Hasan Mahmud, Joyashree Roy

Moving beyond Gas: Can Bangladesh Leapfrog and Make the Energy Transition Just by Exploring the Role of Geothermal Energy and Gas Infrastructure?

By Joyashree Roy, Hasan Mahmud, Mohsen Assadi, Niyaz Iman, Homam Nikpey

Producing Biodiesel and Optimized by Taguchi Design against Palm Oil as Sustainable Alternative Fuels in Bangladesh

By Abhishek Samanta, Sourav Goswami, Prokash C. Roy

Assessment and Way Forward for Bangladesh on SDG-7: Affordable and Clean Energy

By Vikrant P. Katekar, Sandip S. Deshmukh, Ammar H. Elsheikh

Review of Current Status of Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy and Storage Devices: Context Bangladesh

By P. Manimekalai, S. Ravi, M. Ravichandran, Raymon Antony Raj

Duck Curve Problem Formulation and Solving Strategies by Utilizing PVr, PEVs, Load Shifting and ANFIS for Greening Bangladesh

By Md. Ariful Islam, Jai Govind Singh

Using Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles to Enhance Solar Cell Efficiency – Bangladesh Making Significant Progress in Renewable Energy Technology

By S. M. Nayeem Arefin, Shahriar Islam, Jawad Hasan, Mustafa Mohammad Shaky, Fatema Fairooz, Mustafa Habib Chowdhury

Energy Cost Saving Prospects in Buildings Using Various Window Glazing in Dhaka

By Kiran Kumar Gorantla, Shaik Saboor, Habibur Rahman Sobuz, Sai Siva Subramanyam Vankadaru, Chelliah Arumugam

A System Dynamic Energy Economic Assessment Model for Road Transportation

By Ruba Al-Foraih, K. J. Sreekanth, Rajeev Alasseri, Sarah Al-Osaimi

Active Seismic Structures, Energy Infrastructures, and Earthquake Disaster Response Strategy - Bangladesh Perspective

By Md. Sakawat Hossain, Md. Masumur Rahaman, Rabiul A. Khan

Energy Security and Disaster Risk Governance in Energy Sector of Bangladesh

By Khan Ferdousour Rahman, Indrajit Pal, Afshana Parven

Coastal Hazards in Asian Countries in the Context of Climate Change

By Nandini Sanyal, Sakib Rahman Siddique Shuvo

Building Resilience Fighting Back Vulnerability in the Coastal City of Khulna, Bangladesh: A Perspective of Climate-Resilient City Approach

By Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat, Md. Anwarul Abedin, Indrajit Pal, M. Mashroor Zaman

Development of Climate Change Perceptions and Programmes (1980-2020) in Bangladesh: Lessons Learned and Way Forward

By Sheikh Tawhidul Islam, Syed Hafizur Rahman, Faiyad H. Rishal, Soumic Samad

White Paper on Energy, Disaster, Climate Change: Sustainability and Just Transitions in Bangladesh

By Joyashree Roy, Sheikh Tawhidul Islam, Indrajit Pal

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