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New Journal Article Co-Authored By Bangabandhu Chair professor Joyashree Roy Published

Trend Analysis of Mainstreaming Flood Risk Reduction into Spatial Planning in Thailand

MDPI has recently published a new article entitled "Trend Analysis of Mainstreaming Flood Risk Reduction into Spatial Planning in Thailand" , co-authored by AIT's Bangabandhu Chair professor Joyashree Roy, Dr. Indrajit Pal, Prof. Vilas Nitivattananon and others in Sustainability 2022 Journal, Volume 14, Issue 3.


Mainstreaming flood risk reduction into spatial planning (MFRRSP) recognizes the urgent need for sustainable human settlement planning. Despite official recognition of MFRRSP in Thailand, repetitive damage from floods demonstrates gaps in concept and implementation. This paper examines the transition and challenges of flood risk reduction (FRR) practices in the spatial planning (SP) of the Bangkok and Sing Buri provinces of Thailand. Content analysis through computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDS) and in-depth interviews provide the evidence for the study. Twenty-two codes under seven assessments were extracted from the MFRRSP guidelines of international organizations. It was found that FRR was more mainstream in Thailand’s SP. The code in the next Sing Buri and Bangkok Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) was mentioned in 202.06% and 112.70% of the existing CLUP. The assessment area that deserves more attention is FRR preparedness and stakeholder participation, which only 0.011% and 0.035% mention. Two implementation problems are identified. Firstly, no emergency management deals with using land-use management methods. Secondly, FRR regulations limiting the type, density, and design have been reduced, as seen in the next draft of Bangkok CLUP that reduces the floodway in specific districts to be a residential land type. This specific study for Thailand shows how the method can be used in any local context for any country to understand how official planning documents evolve and adapt to disaster preparedness.

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