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The Sustainable Energy Transition Program (Formerly 'Energy') conducted the 'Bangabandhu Chair Dialogue Lecture Series: Seminar - II' on the topic "Energy System in Transition and its Impact on Research and Educational Program", by Prof. Mohsen Assadi on Wednesday, 20th February, 2019 under the EECC Seminar Series, facilitated by Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy. 


To be compatible with global sustainability goals and climate goals various IPCC reports, including the special report and scientists worldwide are at consensus about necessary mega transformations that are going to happen in the coming two decades. One such sector which will possibly see the fastest transformation is Energy systems. The discourse globally is trying to find ways and means to resolve the issue of readiness of Human Resources who can manage these transitions globally. Training and research need to gear up much faster than present trend and scale to get appropriate Human Resources in new areas with energy supply and demand sectors.


Click here to access photos of the seminar.

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