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The Sustainable Energy Transition Program (Formerly 'Energy') conducted the 'Bangabandhu Chair Dialogue Lecture Series: Seminar - I' on the topic "Revisiting Development Processes in Asia: How Can Fast Growing Economics of Today Adopt, Adapt and Leapfrog?", by Dr. Bindu Nath Lohani, on Wednesday, 13th February, 2019 under the EECC Seminar Series, facilitated by Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy. 


Asia's growth in the past four decades has been remarkable. Asia is expected to grow at its fastest till mid century both economically and demographically. Especially there are low incoming nations which are aspiring to become middle income countries and the middle income countries to high income countries but are also facing number of socio-political and environmental challenges. History shows these are not new in the process of economic development but lessons learnt from other countries can give useful insights for newly emerging nations.


Click here to access photos of the seminar.

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